おおいた留学生人材情報バンク International Students Talent Bank Of Oita

Conditions of Use : Active-Net for international student
<留学生のみなさんへ(To all International Students)>
Active-Net International Students Talent Bank of Oita is run by the University Consortium Oita (NPO) in order to provide support for international student activities in the local community. Please read the following conditions for using the system, and click on "I agree" if you have fully understood and are willing to comply with these conditions.
1.登録の条件(Prerequisites for registering)
International students studying at a university or technical college located within Oita Prefecture that is affiliated with the University Consortium Oita. Students must also be willing to contribute to the local community by utilizing their individual strengths or abilities.
(1) 自己情報の登録に際して、虚偽の情報を入力している場合
(2) 過去に不正行為等により、登録を抹消されていることが判明した場合
(3) 上記のほかに、登録を不適当と判断する事由がある場合
Registration will be approved once the university or technical college the student is attending confirms that the student is currently registered there. Registration may be denied in the following cases:
(1) If the student has entered false information about themselves at the time of registration.
(2) If it is proven that the student has had their registration cancelled due to past misconduct.
(3) If there are any circumstances, other than the ones stipulated above, that renders the student's registration inappropriate.
3.活用への参加にあたっての注意事項(Important reminders for applicants)
(1) 応募前に、当日の他の予定(授業、アルバイト、イベントへの参加等)をよく確認し、応募をした活用案件に対し、無断欠席をしないこと。
(2) 応募した活用案件に無断欠席をした場合には、当システムの利用を禁止します。
(3) 報酬を伴う活用へ参加する場合には、法務大臣からの資格外活動許可を受けていること。
(4) 万一の事故の際の補償のために、それぞれの活動に応じた保険(インターンシップ保険など)への事前加入をすること。また、それぞれの保険については活用者側とよく確認しあうこと。
(1) Before applying for classes, part-time jobs, events, etc., be sure to check that you have no other appointments on that particular day. Absences without prior notice will not be accepted.
(2) If you are absent without giving prior notice, you will be prohibited from further use of Active-Net.
(3) You will need to have obtained a Permission to Engage in an Activity other than that Permitted by the status of Residence Previously Granted (i.e. work permit) from the Minister of Justice if you wish to participate in any activities for which you are remunerated.
(4) You should join insurance (internship insurance etc.) corresponding to each activity on account of compensation for an emergency accident beforehand. Moreover, you and your employer should fully confirm about insurance each other.
4.禁止事項(Prohibited acts)
(1) 意図的に虚偽の情報を登録する行為
(2) 著作権、商標権、プライバシー権、氏名権、肖像権等の他人の権利を侵害する行為
(3) 個人や団体を誹謗中傷する行為
(4) 法令、公序良俗に反する行為、またはその恐れのある行為
(5) おおいた留学生人材情報バンク「アクティブネット」の運営を妨げる行為
(6) その他、本システムの目的に反する行為
(1) Intentionally providing false information when registering.
(2) Violating copyright, trademark, right to privacy, using the name of another person, portrait right, and any other acts that violate the rights of other people.
(3) Any acts that defame individuals or organizations.
(4) Any acts that violate the law or public order and morals.
(5) Any acts that are detrimental to the management of Active-Net International Students Talent Bank.
(6) Any acts that run counter to the purposes of this system.
(1) 学籍の異動等の確認のために、大学コンソーシアムおおいたから所属大学へ、あなたの情報について問合せすることがあります。
(2) 自分自身での登録削除の他、卒業・退学等の学籍状況及び禁止事項不遵守に対し、大学及び大学コンソーシアムおおいたが登録を削除することがあります。
(3) 登録した情報は、本システムの目的に沿うことにのみ使用し、その他の目的には使用しません。
(1) The University Consortium Oita may ask your university about your information to confirm student status.
(2) You can delete your registration of Active-Net. And The University Consortium Oita or your University may delete your registration when you graduate or withdrawal from the university and noncompliant of Active-Net rules.
(3) Your information on Active-Net is used only for the purpose of this system and is not used for the other purposes.
6.免責(Exemption from responsibility)
The University Consortium Oita assumes no responsibility for any damages or losses (directly or indirectly, secondary, specific to the individual, incidental, punitive damages, or loss of profits) which may occur with use of this system.
Please contact us if you have any questions about Active-Net.
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